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PPC: How can I make a successful Adwords campaign? (Part 2)

In the previous post I mentioned 3 tips out of 6 to help you build a successful Adwords campaign so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. Today I will share with you the 3 remaining points which are important and not to be underestimated.

4. It is of extreme importance to create an advert under your brand name. You may ask: Continue reading

PPC: How can I make a successful Adwords campaign? (Part 1)

We all heard those successful stories which skyrocket small businesses to successful companies thanks to a good and professional Adwords campaign. However we also know that some companies spent thousands on Adwords and got absolutely nothing back. Now we might try to bury these stories simply because we all wish that our campaigns are successful but that is not the right mindset. It is of utmost importance that we learn from previous mistakes so that we do not repeat them. And so one asks, Continue reading

Starting your own PPC campaign

Okay by now you should have a good idea of what is PPC advertisement and if you are like me then you are excited to start your own campaign and start turning those marketing costs into profit. Not so fast though because although PPC can make you a lot of more if done right, it will set you back thousands if not. Continue reading